martes, 9 de junio de 2020

Gonzalo A. Ramírez-Cleves - Profile in English

Gonzalo A. Ramírez-Cleves is a colombian constitutional law scholar graduated from Law School at Externado de Colombia University, specialist in the Jean Monnet Chair in European Legal Culture at the Complutense University of Madrid and in Constitutional Law and Political Science at the Center for Political and Constitutional Studies in Madrid. Gonzalo is Phd graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid in Constitutional Law. His Phd thesis was nominated to the prize of the best theis of the year 2003 by the Compluense de Madrid University and is titled “Limits of the constitutional reform in Colombia. The concept of Constitution as the basis of the restriction”, published by Externado de Colombia University in 2005.

He also published a book titled “The limits to constitutional reform and guarantees - limits of constituent power: fundamental rights as a paradigm” (Externado de Colombia University, 2003); “Poverty, globalization and law: global, international and regional regulatory spheres” (Externado de Colombia University, 2009) and edited five books: “Law in the context of globalization” (Externado de Colombia University, 2007), “Echoes of Kelsen: life, work and controversies (Externado de Colombia, 2012), "The Legal Blogs and Web 2.0 for the dissemination and teaching of law", 2010), "Constitutional Law Lessons (Volume I and II), (Externado de Colombia, 2017).

He also published some articles as: “Freedom of the press by Bentham and Miguel Antonio Caro: divergences and eventual correspondences, in: Revista Derecho del Estado, ed. Externado de Colombia University, volume 22, Bogotá, 2009”; “Reforms to the 1991 Constitution and its constitutional review: Between democracy and demagoguery”, in: Revista Derecho del Estado, ed. Externado de Colombia University, volume 21, Bogotá, 2008, “Constitutional limits to the budget law in Spain”, in; Revista Derecho del Estado, 2001, “Approval and revision of the treaty of the European Union and state Constitutional Reforms”, in Revista Derecho del Estado, ed. Externado de Colombia University, 2000, “Mandatory mandate and representative mandate. A diverse perspective: The Colombian case”, in:  Revista Derecho del Estado, 2000, “Kant's Perpetual Peace and Kelsen's Thought on Pacifism, in Kant's Perpetual Peace and Kelsen's Thought on Pacifism”, 2008, “The constitutional precedent and the thought of Kant, in V Conferences of Constitutional and Administrative Law, ed. Externado de Colombia University, Bogotá, 2005.

In English:

-“The Unconstitutionality of Constitutional Amendments in Colombia: The tensión Between Majoritarian Democracy and Constitutional Democracy” in: Democratizing Constitutional Law: Perspectives on Legal Theory and the Legitimacy of Constitutionalism (ed. Thomas Bustante and Bernardo Gonçalves Fernandes), Springer, 2016, pp. 213 - 233

- “The Inter-American System for theProtection of Human Rights, and a Reflection on the Colombian Situation”, in: The European Public Law Series, Volume XCIV, “Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights of Citizens: The European and American Conventions on Human Rights”, (Academic Contributions), Alfa II Dikia II Project 2006 – 2008, London, Esperia Publications Ltd, 2009, pp. 33 – 49.